How to Seal Stamped Concrete

how to seal stamped concreteStamped concrete is made to look like brick, stone, patio, tile and many other surfaces.  It can be use for pool deck, walkways, drives just to name a few. Typically a base color is choose along with an accent color that best suits the area the stamped concrete is being done in.

One important thing that should be done to protect its look and longevity is to seal it.

Sealing Concrete Benefits

  • Improve its appearance/look
  • Keeps out Moisture
  • Protects against fading from the sun
  • Protects against rock salt and other deicing chemicals

Prepping The Surface

the first step will be to clean the stamped concrete before sealing it. You can using a power wash or brush with some concrete cleaner. Remove all dirt, stains, mold etc. For real tough areas try using a bleach mixture solution. Follow the cleaners direction and then rinse thoroughly. Be sure the concrete is dry before applying the sealer.

Choose a Sealer

There are a variety of sealer to choose. Simply choose the gloss and finish your prefer. It is best to apply the sealer with a roller or high quality sprayer. Cheap sprayers simply don’t work to well.

Applying the sealing

Now that you cleaned the surface and ensure its dry you may apply the sealer. Try and avoid putting the sealer on to thick and don’t create any puddles. Depending on the type of sealer you bought you may need to add a second coat.

Keeping up with your stamped concrete will surely make it last longer and looking like new if you follow these simple steps.

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